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You Are Good Enough.
Treat Yourself Well.

I'll help you break free from physical and mental health struggles, empowering you to live more purposefully.

What to expect from my Holistic Health Coaching programs:

  • A personalized wellness plan that focuses on the mind-body connection allowing you to live a healthy and balanced life

  • Individualized care that will adapt to your changing health needs

  • Achieving balance with the Foundations of Health (air, water, food, sunlight, exercise, rest, and emotions)

  • Holistic techniques when needed (Genetic Testing, Iridology, Art Wellness, AO Scan, Muscle Response Testing, Bach Flower Remedies; and Essential Oils, Herbs, Homeopathy, and Supplement Recommendations)

  • Plenty of empathy, compassion, and laughter

  • Everyone is warmly welcomed, regardless of age, size, shape, health, gender, orientation, race, nationality, or religion

Larissa Miller Huntersville, NC


I'm committed to empowering you to live a healthier and more purposeful life through a personalized wellness program. Together, we'll push limits and find new and better ways to discover the "why" behind your mental and physical struggles. Look at the services I offer and see how we can work together to help your mental and physical health.

Holistic Session

Initial Wellness Evaluation

The evaluation is where we get to know one another and decide how to move forward.

Natural Health Huntersville

Holistic Wellness Sessions

In these holistic sessions, we'll ensure you're on track to reach your health goals.

Mind-Body Practitioner

12-Week Intensive: Mind-Body Connection

This wellness program gives you the time and resources to regain emotional balance and physical energy so you can live more purposefully.


Larissa was able to reduce my menopausal symptoms very quickly. I appreciate her openness to seeking new options for me. And I love how accurate my iridology exam was. I highly recommend her health coaching services.

— Kimberly

Core Techniques

Image by ANIRUDH

Genetic testing can uncover the hidden factors influencing your mental and physical well-being, enabling a personalized nutrition plan crafted exclusively for your unique needs. I offer this science-based option through MyHappyGenes.

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Acrylic Paints

Through various artistic mediums and guided therapeutic techniques, such as drawing, painting, and collages, you're provided with a safe and expressive space to explore your emotions, foster self-discovery, and promote overall well-being.

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Image by

Iridology assesses genetic signs and possible tissue weakness by scanning and studying your iris. It is a powerful preventative tool in holistic healthcare.

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Molecules Bio

The AO Scanner is a versatile wellness tool that scans your body, identifies energy imbalances, and uses precise frequencies to promote overall well-being, including emotional balance. It's a game-changer for both physical and emotional health, making it an invaluable asset on your journey to optimal well-being.

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Additional Techniques

Additional Techniques

Ready to feel better physically and mentally? We'll discover the "why" behind your health concerns so you can live more purposefully.

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