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Iridology Practitioner Huntersville


We've all heard that our eyes are the window to our soul, but truly our eyes can tell us so much about our health.

Through Iridology analysis, I assess the iris' color, pigmentations, and structure. I can see which areas of the body are genetically strong and which are deficient and need support. It is a powerful preventative tool in holistic healthcare.

At your initial wellness evaluation, I'll scan your iris by taking high-resolution photos of each eye, and we'll talk through any health struggles. I request that you complete a detailed intake form before your initial appointment; this will help to guide your assessment. We'll then schedule your follow-up holistic wellness session to review your Iridology report and lifestyle recommendations based on the findings.
Iridology is included in the Holistic Wellness sessions.
  • Comprehensive discussion and analysis of your personalized Iridology Report
  • Receive practical and tailored advice on lifestyle changes to enhance your well-being



Larissa was able to reduce my menopausal symptoms very quickly. I appreciate her openness to seeking new options for me. And I love how accurate my iridology exam was. I highly recommend her health coaching services.

— Kimberly

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