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Mind Body Connection Health Coach

12-Week Intensive: Mind-Body Connection

This Mind-Body Connection wellness program will give you the time, resources, and a step-by-step guide to regain emotional and physical balance so you can live more purposefully.

At each Mind-Body Connection session, we will focus on your individualized care as we follow along with my research-based step-by-step program. In addition to achieving balance with the Foundations of Health, I will introduce various holistic health modalities as needed, including possible supplementation to help you reach optimal mind and body health. This 12-Week Intensive program was built to give you all of the tools required to thrive in both mind and body.

This package includes Iridology, AO Scans, Muscle Response Testing, Art Wellness, Bach Flowers, and Somatic Practices

All clients will receive a discount on professional-grade nutritional supplements and an entire catalog of health & wellness products through my partnership with Fullscript.
As an optional add-on, you'll receive 15% off the genetic testing through MyHappyGenes.

We'll meet once a week for 12 weeks. These sessions can be in-person or virtual.
What is included: 
  • Twelve Sessions
    • Sessions can be conducted in-person or virtually, with one session per week
    • Each session has a duration of 50 minutes
  • Experience a comprehensive range of holistic techniques, including Iridology, AO Scans, Muscle Response Testing, Art Wellness, Bach Flowers, and Somatic Practices
  • Discount On Professional-grade Nutritional Supplements 
  • Enjoy a special discount of 15% on genetic testing to gain deeper insights into your unique genetic profile
  • Receive ongoing support and regular check-ins to ensure your progress and provide guidance throughout your journey
Price: $780
*Payment plans available


Larissa was able to reduce my menopausal symptoms very quickly. I appreciate her openness to seeking new options for me. And I love how accurate my iridology exam was. I highly recommend her health coaching services.

— Kimberly

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